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Frequently Asked Questions

Confused about how things work? Check out our FAQ below for quick answers to all your burning questions.

TuitionHero is an online marketplace that makes it simple and easy to compare financial products that benefit students. We identify the best financial service providers and review and compare them for you so you can find the best solution for you unique needs. And the best part is, it’s all free!

We are a marketplace, not a loan, bank, or credit card issuer. This allows is to show you offers from multiple competitors side-by-side to help you get the best deal possible on your loans. We make comparison shopping easy by providing you several offers from multiple lenders within minutes. And when lenders compete for your business, it’s a win for your wallet!

TuitionHero is a marketplace, not a loan, bank, or credit card provider. This allows us to show you rates and terms from a variety of lenders so you can compare them side-by-side and easily spot the potential savings.

No. To provide you with accurate, personalized rates, getting a quote activates a ‘soft-credit pull’ that doesn’t impact your credit. It’s not until you send in your application that there’s a ‘hard credit pull’ and your credit score it impacted.

It’s free! The fees fall onto the providers that we display, and this doesn’t come out of your pocket in any way or affect your loan terms